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Argos Packaging & Protection

Argos Packaging & Protection started in 1998 as a small player in the market with a limited assortment. Nowadays we developed into a total supplier of packaging and protection materials with a growing workforce and a familair name in the packaging business. Because we are active in different sectors, Fruit & Vegetables - Flowers & Plants - Building Industry - Food & Non Food Industry - Retail & Wholesale, we have a lot of knowledge. Therefor we can give you a tailormade advice and the right packaging for you product!

We sell our products in all of Europa ánd the rest of the world! Because we are affiliated with the Best Packaging Group we can use our own purchasing office in the Middle East and our own design company for tailormade packaging.

Argos Packaging & Protection is a Westlands company in heart and soul. The director and employees build the company with a no-nonsens, hands-on mentality. The vibe in the company is like a family business: approachable, down to earth and open. All is based on a good way of doing business and working together. This results in a high service level and on-time delivery to satisfy our customers.

Established in Maasdijk we use 2 big wharehouses with 5 docks and many palletplaces. Because of that we can deliver our products easy and quick out of stock!